I’m Mike, our company is MRD Innovations and our product is The Ultimate Door & Window Bracket.  It is patent approved and made in Canada in our shop in rural Williamstown, Ontario.

MRD Innovations Made In Ontario

I’m the inventor and long-time (40 years) professional interior finish carpenter. I was tired of shims and twisted framing and wanted to improve the quality and ease of installing interior doors.

Primarily intended for personal use the concept began to spread. Other installers seeing the advantages were requesting sets of the Ultimate Door Bracket to try for themselves. They then requested bulk purchases. Contractors were asking local hardware and lumber suppliers for the Ultimate Door Bracket and what became an idea to make door installation easier for ourselves is now spreading internationally. Sales are increasing, either in bulk or individual package kits, simply because people are recognizing the advantages of the Ultimate Door Bracket. Even the most inexperienced installer will quickly discover the benefits of this new application. The experienced installer will immediately see the advantages of using the Ultimate Door Bracket.

The practice of hand nailing door frames and trim was replaced with pneumatic finish nailers and brads however still using cedar shims and still having to fill nail holes. It is now possible to eliminate shims, nail holes in door jambs and reduce time spent hanging doors, filling nail holes and cleaning up after the job. The bent ends of the brackets hold the door in the rough opening and there is no fiddling or frustration with shims.

It is now time to start using the next generation in door hanging.

Instead of all the conventional tools needed to hang doors the “old way” you now only need a level, tape measure and drill. All screws are provided in each kit.

Start saving time and producing a better-quality install using the Ultimate Door Bracket. Don’t be left behind as your competitors move forward with this innovative solution. There are other products on the market but they just didn’t meet the desired standard for a professional installation that we were looking to provide to our clients.

The benefits of using The Ultimate Bracket for window installation are also significant.

Several contractors are using the bracket to install windows for the same reasons of, no shims, no nail holes in the jamb extension, no bowing when applying insulation and a great benefit of no insulation voids for maximum R-value.

Try the Ultimate Door and Window Bracket and let us know what you think.

Thank you,

MRD Innovations

The Ultimate Door and Window Bracket Inventor